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“It is the function of art to carry us beyond speech to experience." 

  - Joseph Campbell

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Welcome to the  Fidone Fine Art Gallery

Art facilitated the return of joyous color to my life at a time when I needed it most. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and began intensive chemotherapy in preparation for a bone marrow transplant. Suddenly, I realized that my life had changed forever. A local friend and award-winning artist encouraged me to take up painting as a coping mechanism. For three months, she was unrelenting in her mission to get me started painting.  At 60 years old, I finally acquiesced and quickly found a renewed purpose and vigor expressible only on a canvas.


When I am painting, I am completely in the moment and metaphysically removed from my reality to a world of color and whimsy. Art is my island sanctuary that has a population of one. The indescribable joy that I have discovered through art has compelled me to share this most beautiful mode of expression with those whose lives are just beginning, children.  ​As a pediatrician who has specialized in the treatment of childhood cancer, I am committed to marrying two of my passions, the well-being of children and art.

My gallery is dedicated to promoting artwork created in East Texas. Most of the proceeds from the sales within my gallery will be dedicated to scholarships for local students interested in pursuing their creative talents. I’m particularly interested in exposing those children with limited opportunities so that they may find the same joy that overwhelms me when I literally paint my feelings and emotions onto a canvas in a story, unique to me but relatable to all. It is my intent to engage all children at some level within the local artistic community, so that we have a forum to share our most profound and dear thoughts with our fellow Texans.

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